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"I can't recommend Invisalign highly enough. The outcome has exceeded my expectations. I had been considering having work done to straighten my teeth for many years but when I finally got round to having a consultation with a traditional orthodontist my hopes were dashed. I couldn't see that having teeth removed and wearing fixed braces which would require very frequent visits to the dentist would sit well with my busy job. What's more as part of my work role required regular public speaking I didn't think I could cope with the initial embarrassment of a brace. Invisalign solved all of those dilemmas. No teeth had to be extracted, the invisaligners were virtually invisible, and the visits to the surgery were not that frequent once the initial stages were over. The results have been absolutely worth it."

"I am most grateful to have access to highly skilled and compassionate staff and have patient friendly treatment."


"We can't thank each one of you enough for your attentive and thoroughly professional care .My friends are amazed that i come to see you so often without any fear at all. "


"Just a note to say thank you for" putting up "with me .It took a long time ,eventually we got there ,with endurance and patience. Gold star to dental surgery for customer care "


"Your efficiency ,kindness and professionalism is so refreshing and very much appreciated.Thank you "



I am around 5 years 'post-op' having had my two front teeth replaced with dental implants by Kirsty and her team ,a procedure that was largely carried out by Ghaleb Karein over a twelve month (or so) period.

I am delighted with my implants .After 20 years battling with useless  front teeth thanks to irreparable damaged sustained in my teens it is nothing short of a daily delight to be able to eat an apple !  Such things the 'able -toothed' take for granted.

Dental implants are not cheap ,nor are they a simple process,but by God they are worth every minute,every appointment and every penny .

If you are considering implant surgery as opposed to dentures then let me assure you there is no comparison.If you can afford it then you will not regret making the investment.

As a boy my teeth stuck out .This was the 1960s and the view at the time was that only girls wore braces .So ,my two sisters got braces and my teeth crossed over and stuck out .As i grew older my teeth crossed over and grew out even more .In adulthood i saw crooked teeth as part of me .Last year my mother begged me to have them straightened .She even offered to give me money.

So,I started Invisalign .Now after treatment ,i am a total convert.My teeth look better .They are easier to clean .They feel better ,and for the first time in my life i feel really good about them.Before Invisalign if you had asked me about my teeth i would have said they were ok,adequate,something from the 1960s,a bit like me ,a bit like me.After Invisalign i feel at last i have modern teeth-21st century teeth rather than 20th century teeth -and that is a good feeling .